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Origin of IPA beer

IPA is an abbreviation for Indian Pale Ale. Pale Ale is a popular style of ale that originated in England. IPA, like all other beers, is made from the same four basic ingredients. However, hops are the most prominent ingredient in IPA.

When India was still a British colony in the 18th century, the British had to ship goods from England to India by sea. Beer is also among the items transported. Pale Ale boxes were frequently damaged due to overdue dates after a few months of floating at sea due to preservation technology at the time. Brewers used a lot of hops in Pale Ale to solve this problem. Hops act as a natural preservative, keeping the casks fresh even after months at sea. IPA was born as a Pale Ale with a lot of hops and a high bitterness.

How does an IPA beer taste?

Brewers must balance the amount of barley in each batch to balance the bitterness in an IPA. More barley makes IPA more fermentable and increases its alcohol percentage. As a result, bitter IPAs frequently have a high alcohol content. Some IPAs have a very bitter flavor and a high alcohol content, while others have a light, refreshing fruity flavor, which is determined by the amount of hops used by the brewer.

IPAs are typically dark amber in color with a thick head and a medium to heavy body. ABV and IBU levels are typically high. The IPA has a very strong flavor. IPA complements spicy foods with a lot of spices.

What foods pair well with IPA beer?

Each beer line will come with its own set of dishes. Drinking beer with the right food will help to improve the overall quality of the experience.

IPAs are bitter, and they help you balance the salty and fatty flavors of dishes, so they pair well with dishes like barbecue and tacos, as well as fries and burgers.



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