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Which is the best craft beer bar in Hanoi?

"Which Craft beer shop is the best in Hanoi?" is a question many beer connoisseurs are looking for an answer. There are currently quite a few craft beer shops springing up in Hanoi according to the trend.

However, not all craft beer shops are highly regarded for maintaining craft beer standards; most have undergone changes and variations. Let's find out which craft beer shop in Hanoi has the best selection.

Vietnam's craft beer

Craft beer has captured the hearts of young Vietnamese people since its appearance, and the number of shops and workshops has grown rapidly. Saigon, proud to be the country's leading cultural convergence and the source of the Vietnamese craft beer wave, has many famous craft beer shops run by experts that began to develop around 2014 in Saigon. Brewers are creative expatriates who are already familiar with Vietnam's rich Craft Beer culture.

Up to now, the craft beer industry in Saigon is still growing. A few Hanoi craft beer brands have also begun to participate in this playground, with many impressive beers.

Where to get craft beer in Hanoi?

Craft beer is quite popular at restaurants, bars/pubs in Hang Buom and Ta Hien areas, such as Craft Beer Pub, The Hill Station. Also, the Tay Ho district's establishments, notably Chops and Standing Bar The Fat Pig, will have a busier atmosphere. Last but not least, if you're looking for a elegant, comfortable, and quiet place setting for conversation, you can find a beer restaurant that is also the best Craft Brewery in Hanoi - iBiero.

iBiero Craft Beer

Born in June 2017, IBiero beer restaurant gradually asserted itself as one of the best craft beer shops in Hanoi. With more than 15 famous craft beer flavors and an amazing food menu, iBiero is ready to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

The restaurant is always on the lookout for new, delicious flavors from the country's most well-known brewers. This offers consumers with numerous opportunities to try new and unique beers and discover their own "right taste" craft beer.

If you enjoy drinking delicious, smooth beers, try Double IPA or Red Ale. Say hello to Triple IPA if you want to enjoy the characteristic bitterness of hops. Brown Chocolate will meet your needs if you are not afraid to try a strong, bold dark beer.

If you get the chance, please order one of these beers to try and feel it!




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