Giỏ hàng của bạn

99 Le Duan, Ha Noi

IBIERO 99 Le Duan restaurant, located opposite Hanoi Railway Station, has long been a favorite destination for loyal craft beer fans as well as a familiar stop for many tourists. abroad when to Hanoi.

With a capacity of up to 110 guests, the first floor of 99 Le Duan restaurant is arranged in a nostalgic European style but still young and modern.

The stage area synthesizes projector system, sound and light and weekly live music performance. In addition, there are televisions in the seating areas for customers to watch in the dark. Although it is a common space, customers who need privacy and confidentiality can still choose a seat in zone C.

The area serves delicious, cool, delicious live craft beers at the tap.

Not only fascinated by the large space and decor, stepping into the restaurant, you will be impressed by the meticulously painted, eye-catching mural of the Goddess of Beer Ninkasi, showing the soul of the restaurant.

Front of iBiero at 99 Le Duan

Retail customer service space



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