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IBIERO craft beer, introduced in 2016, has established a strong presence in the domestic market and is recognized by numerous international acquaintances. Utilizing premium imported raw materials along with Vietnamese specialties, the product is manufactured on state-of-the-art production lines at IBIERO Brewing Co.

iBiero's beer artisans have skillfully blended distinctive Vietnamese natural flavors with inventive brewing and fermentation techniques. The outcome is glasses of beer boasting rich, alluring flavors, characteristic of the tropical region, perfectly suited to the Vietnamese palate.


Hanoi Autumn - Asia Gold Medal Winner

Hanoi Autumn is not just a special product of iBiero but also a distinctive symbol of Hanoi. With the unique flavor of com rice combined with the robust taste of beer, this product truly represents the perfect blend of tradition and modern creativity. Winning the Gold Medal at the Brew Asia 2023 event is clear evidence of the appeal of this craft beer flavor. Not only popular domestically, Hanoi Autumn has also been exported to Hong Kong, opening up a creative story about the Vietnamese craft beer industry and gaining reputation and support from the international community.

Similar to Hanoi Autumn, all products of iBiero are created from the combination of natural ingredients along with creativity in the brewing and fermentation process. The result is beers that offer rich, enticing, and distinctive flavors.

Best Sellers:

- Hanoi Craft Lager: This is a submerged Lager-style fermented beer, with a sparkling golden color and a distinctive aroma of grass flowers. This product has a high CO2 content, providing a refreshing sensation with just the right intensity. With low bitterness and a light sweet aftertaste, Hanoi Craft Lager offers a smooth and enjoyable beer drinking experience.

- Vanilla Cream Ale: An American Cream Ale-style beer, with a honeyed caramel amber color and topped with a thick layer of foam resembling soft white cream. This product has a moderate alcohol content, low bitterness, and a refreshing taste. Ending with a slight sweetness of honey, Vanilla Cream Ale is suitable for a wide range of customers and easy to drink.

- King IPA: With a strong and authoritative flavor, King IPA is a beer with strong bitterness and high alcohol content. This product offers a sweet, intoxicating aroma, reminiscent of a dignified, powerful man. King IPA is suitable for those who love rich and robust flavors in a beer.

Craft beer products at IBIERO Brewing Co. are made from high-quality ingredients and adhere to strict standards, ensuring quality and a unique position in the market.

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