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Vendor: IBIERO
Type: Bia tươi

Brand: IBIERO | Type: Draft beer|
The taste is true to the name Double IPA - doubling the amount of hops during the brewing process has resulted in a stronger, more layered, multilayered and richer beer for you to enjoy. This is also a very popular beer in the US, typical for American style.
- Bitterness (IBU): 60

- Alcohol content (ABV): 6.5%

Thể tích
Hotline hỗ trợ: 024 3880.2222

Product information
Double IPA is not a random beer to drink, so anyone who can use it on a whim is a true craft beer connoisseur.

This beer itself has a strong bitter taste of hops and stays for a long time in the mouth, the aroma is mixed with the sweet smell of fruit, the characteristic amber color. Those who are just beginning to get acquainted with craft beer will not be very fond of this beer, until they understand enough of the secret behind its strong bitter taste and gradually become ""addicted"".

Barley malt, houblon flowers, yeast, clean water.

- Enjoy responsibly

- Best when served cold

- Pour lightly to avoid foam

- Discover the unique aroma and color of each beer line

- Sip to feel the delicious taste and different aftertaste

- Suitable for parties, special events and meeting friends

Storage instructions:
Store in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight

Net volume: 1000ml/bottle
Produced by: IBIERO Brewing Joint Stock Company

Location: Phu Dien Industrial Park, Co Nhue Ward, Bac Tu Liem District, Hanoi

Produce date: printed on the package

Use date: 2 days from purchase date
- Do not use the product for people under 18 years old

- Do not use the product when participating in traffic"

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