Giỏ hàng của bạn

About iBiero


iBiero values ​​quality above all else and to have the quality of raw materials is a factor that cannot be ignored. We use beer's original ingredients from dried malt, fresh hops from Belgium, Germany, Australia... to create a rich and passionate beer flavor along with an innovative and different brewing process. .

iBiero's brewers have skillfully combined the natural flavors found only in Vietnam, plus the creativity in the brewing and fermentation process to produce beers with rich, seductive flavors. typical charm of the tropics, suitable for the taste of Vietnamese people.

1. Using 100% high-grade raw materials imported from Europe, America, Australia.
2. Exclusive beer recipes from the most famous and oldest craft breweries of Czech, Belgium.
3. All iBiero brewers are Vietnamese, so they understand and respect the taste of Vietnamese people.
4. Seasonal Beer line is cooked with 100% fresh fruit
5. Do not use preservative chemicals, do not mix other ingredients (rice, corn, etc.) to reduce production costs.
6. Standard fermentation time helps beer mature enough, ensuring safety for health.


Every person of iBiero from the factory, the restaurant to the office block is constantly trying and creating, working together to bring the best to the Vietnamese people.


Craft beer is known as "the best beer in the world". In recent years, this innovative drink has been introduced to Vietnam and shaped the taste of new, different and sophisticated beer. However, the craft beer shops opened in Vietnam are mainly opened by foreigners, mainly for Western customers. Therefore, iBiero wishes to bring craft beer closer to Vietnamese people, so that Vietnamese people can enjoy excellent craft beer.

“Every journey of a thousand miles to success begins with the first small step.” We feel lucky and appreciate your companionship with IBIERO in the journey of creating & enjoying the best craft beer flavors, bringing the quintessence of Vietnamese beer to the world, pride and passion.


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