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Private Club includes an outside area with a capacity of about 50 guests and a VIP room with 4 separate rooms.

Contrary to the modern style of the first floor, Private Club is designed with a bit of classic and luxury with a cozy and romantic space.

4 private, luxurious VIP rooms are suitable for receiving guests and important partners. Each room is equipped with a television, customers can request to listen to music or sing karaoke.
IBIERO CRAFT BEER 99 LE DUAN restaurant is a suitable place for parties, parties with friends, colleagues and family. Not only has a spacious and luxurious space but also a rich menu with dishes distilled from European and Asian cuisine such as: Grilled beef with black pepper sauce, Deep fried pork leg, Spanish salted pork thigh, Pilsner beer-brewed salmon, Grilled Saba fish with salt and pepper, Grilled American beef with salt and pepper, Stir-fried sea mushrooms with basil... Highlights are premium beef dishes: Steak Tomahawk, Opribs...

In terms of drinks, the restaurant serves fresh and bottled craft beer with the following advantages:
• HIGH-QUALITY imported raw materials from UK, Germany, Belgium, etc.
• EXCLUSIVE recipe, suitable for Vietnamese taste
• STANDARD brewing time
• Diverse ingredients bring new and unique experiences
• Beer is absolutely SAFE. NO preservatives or cleaning chemicals
Some outstanding and best-selling beers: Pilsner, Special Pilsner, Double IPA, King IPA, Triple IPA, Apple Cider (Apple), Hanoi Autumn (Com), Vanilla Cream Ale...
In addition, Private Club serves world famous wines from France, Chile,... for diners who want to enjoy premium wines.

The restaurant has the advantage of spacious car and motorbike parking, free of charge, so it is quite convenient for customers to come to dine at IBIERO 99 Le Duan.
Contact for consultation and book a table at IBIERO 99 LE DUAN: 091.222.9900 - 024 3880 2222

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