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IBIERO Brewing Co. Factory


IBIERO is a craft beer brand that was born at the end of 2016 with the founder - Founder Do Giang Vinh - a genuine Vietnamese with a deep passion for craft beer, with a burning desire to create a brand. VIETNAMESE Craft Beer, owned by Vietnamese people, brings the essence, taste and style of Vietnam to domestic and international friends.

IBIERO has iBiero brewery located in Phu Dien Industrial Park, Co Nhue 2 Ward, Co Nhue, Bac Tu Liem, Hanoi. The total area of the factory is up to 1000m2, which is massively invested, includes many modern equipment and is strictly controlled from the fermentation and brewing process.

iBiero's mission is to bring customers healthy products without losing the unique taste of craft beer. Bring pride Vietnamese craft beer produced by Vietnamese people. Therefore, the raw materials used will be of the highest quality and purest. We use beer's original ingredients from dried malt, fresh hops from Belgium, Germany, Australia... to create a rich and passionate beer flavor along with an innovative and different brewing process. .

iBiero's brewers have skillfully combined the natural flavors found only in Vietnam, plus the creativity in the brewing and fermentation process to produce beers with rich, captivating flavors typical charm of the tropics, suitable for the taste of Vietnamese people.

In addition to raw materials, the source of beer brewing water is also respected by iBiero because the water used in the brewing process must go through a rigorous treatment process to have a clean, sterile water source that does not affect the quality of the beer. beer.

Currently, there are more than 20 types of iBiero beers being packaged in 2 types of kegs and bottles, diverse in flavor, color and recipe, brewing technology.

In the future, iBiero will build a network of craft beer factories in all regions of Vietnam so that anywhere can enjoy the freshest, most authentic taste of iBiero craft beer.

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