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How did iBiero export Vietnamese craft beer to the world?

A new craft beer brand has emerged with a strong flavor profile, making a powerful impression in comparative tastings against competitors. iBiero, the perfect brand name, delivers a unique, distinct, and unforgettable beer experience. This combination is not only the result of creativity but also a testament to pioneering efforts in development and innovation, crafting the most refined and enticing flavors of craft beer. iBiero is not just a product of research and creativity; it is also an art form, with a unique and unmistakable flavor structure.


Craft beer, known as the "best beer in the world", has begun to change the beer drinking culture in Vietnam in recent years. Renowned for its creativity, craft beer has become a new highlight, offering a unique and sophisticated beer-drinking experience. However, although it has emerged in Vietnam, craft beer establishments are mainly opened by foreigners and primarily serve Western tourists. With this spirit, iBiero aims to bring craft beer closer to the Vietnamese community, so that they too have the opportunity to enjoy excellent craft beers.

iBiero believes that "Every journey of a thousand miles to success begins with the first small steps." With the support and companionship of customers, iBiero is committed to continuing its creative journey and bringing everyone the best craft beer experience. iBiero is proud to have people who always love craft beer, and together we will reach further, bringing the essence of Vietnamese beer to the world, full of pride and passion.

iBiero's Cốm Beer Wins Gold in Asia

iBiero's Cốm Beer (also known as Hanoi Autumn), with its distinctive flavor of Hanoi, has excellently won the Gold Medal at the Asia Beer Championship.

The Asia Beer Championship 2023 Awards took place within the framework of the Brew Asia 2023 international beer exhibition, held at the end of October in Ho Chi Minh City. The competition honored 21 outstanding beer brands, and Cốm Beer stood out as the champion in the Rice Lager category.

The success of winning the Gold Medal at Brew Asia 2023 is clear evidence of the appeal of this craft beer's flavor. Cốm Beer is not only popular domestically but has also been exported to Hong Kong, opening a new chapter in the creative story of the Vietnamese in the craft beer industry.

iBiero's Journey of Exporting Vietnamese Craft Beer to the World

In just a decade since its debut, the iBiero brand has made its mark with creativity and diversity in its beer offerings. With unique flavors and styles, iBiero has contributed to enriching the craft beer market both domestically and internationally.

On the path to expanding to every corner of the world, iBiero has spent years perfecting each drop of beer, bringing the rich flavors of its homeland to customers. With relentless passion and dedication to creating quality products, iBiero confidently opens the door to exports to share with the world.

iBiero initiated its journey of beer export by selecting Hong Kong and Macau as starting points. These two locations are not only bustling commercial centers but also unique cultural destinations, where diversity and styles converge.

Hong Kong and Macau are not only opportunities to expand the market but also potential and promising adventures. iBiero takes pride in accompanying customers and creating exciting experiences through each beer flavor.

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