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In addition to 9 bottled beers with a variety of flavors, iBiero impresses customers with the creative and colorful packaging of 9 ancient Greek gods, which we'll reveal soon.

Zeus - god of thunder

Zeus is the most famous character in Greek mythology. Zeus translates as "Heavenly Father" in the ancient Indo-Uranian language. Zeus is the most powerful god and is regarded as the gods' king.

Zeus' most significant feature is holding a lightning bolt - he is the god of the sky, creating thunder, calling rain, and calling the wind. Rain and wind are important in an agricultural society, so Zeus has absolute power.

Athena - god of wisdom

Born from the head of Zeus, Athena - the goddess of wisdom, handicrafts, and the god representing just war.

Athena created many things to teach the Greek people. She gave the people a plow and a harrow so that they could farm, grow rice, and grow grapes. She gave the women spinning wheels and looms. She taught them skillful and elaborate weaving so that they could weave cloths. She is also the one who sets the rules so that people know how to govern their lives in order and justice.

The goddess Athena is worshiped in many parts of the world because she is one of the most important gods in Greek mythology. One of the intelligent, beautiful goddesses and the rare deity full of good qualities, statues of Athena have been erected in many places throughout history to this day because this god protects the safety of soldiers when going to war.

Apollo - the sun god

In Greek mythology, Apollo is the god of light, truth, and art, frequently depicted as a blond boy with a silver bow and a lyre. He is the most complex god in Greek mythology, with the ability to ward off and avoid disasters, the power of perception, and the ability to predict. In addition, Apollo aids people in fighting invaders and settlers, curing and dispelling disease, representing music and art to dispel discord, and having the ability to see into the future.

When Apollo rode the chariot to pull the sun up, it was dawn, and when he rode the chariot into the sea, it was sunset. He is revered in many cities, states, and countries. A city existed in ancient Egypt. Heliopolis was a city in ancient Egypt built in honor of the sun god. Heliopolis, which means "Sun City" in Greek, was the center of Apollo worship.

Aphrodite - goddess of beauty

Aphrodite is the goddess of love and beauty, she blesses happy marriages, lighting the fire of true, eternal love. Both the divine world and the human race must submit to the power of Aphrodite because no one can live without love, without being moved by beauty.

Aphrodite's belt represents her power. Anyone who wears it will make the person they love become their lover, making the person who is cold suddenly fall in love with him passionately. On the Greek peninsula, there are also many places to worship the same goddess Aphrodite such as Delphes, and Corinthe. In the past, Greek girls attending weddings often offered the goddess Aphrodite belts woven by their own hands to achieve their dreams in the path of love.

Poseidon - the sea god

Poseidon is the god of the seas and "the one who shakes the Earth" in Greek mythology. Poseidon is portrayed as an elderly man with curly hair and a silver beard who holds a trident.

Poseidon is usually calm and majestic, riding in a chariot drawn by mighty sea horses across the vast sea. The waves drifted to the sides to make room for people, who were greeted by dolphins, acrobats, and schools of fish chasing after the magical carriage. When Poseidon waved his trident into the water, the sea swelled, causing earthquakes to shake; when he pointed the trident at the top of the waves, they obediently calmed down, and the storm stopped. and the sea calms and becomes peaceful. Poseidon cut across the continents to form straits and estuaries, as well as manually generating the source water, raising islands in the sea, and preventing the continents from collapsing.

Demeter - the goddess of agriculture

Demeter is one of the most important and oldest gods in the Greek pantheon. She is the fertility goddess, the protector of agriculture and crops, and the goddess of plants.

Demeter is a goddess who spent her life caring for mortals. She came to Earth to teach people how to plow, harvest, water, and raise livestock. Always in her hand is a golden sickle, symbolizing the abundant harvest of the wheat field. She is the supreme god Zeus's sister, and she has a daughter named Persephone. Hades kidnapped Persephone and sent her to hell as his wife with Zeus' approval. Demeter suffered greatly after her beloved daughter was gone and neglected to care for crops and fruit trees. When Persephone came to visit her mother in the spring, the land and weather suddenly became mild and pleasant; the trees were green, and the crops were plentiful.

Hephaistos - god of blacksmiths

Hephaistos is said to be the most human of all the supreme gods on Mount Olympus. He is the patron god of blacksmithing, crafts, sculpture, metallurgy, and fire. He was worshiped throughout Greece's manufacturing and industrial centers, particularly in Athens.

With a muscular body and strong but extremely skilled hands, he created and taught others how to create metal objects and construction works ranging from the simplest to the most complex. Because he was the ancestor of bronze casting, pottery, metallurgy, and construction, the Greeks revered their blacksmith or fire god. These occupations were significant in ancient Greek culture, demonstrating how influential Hephaistos was in ancient Greek society.

Hera - the goddess of marriage and family.

Hera is the patroness of family life, holiness, and longevity. Hera's worship predated Zeus', and she was honored with the most magnificent temples throughout Greece.

A peacock, a white cow, an apple, and a pomegranate represent Hera. Hera, who possesses terrible power and power equal to her husband Zeus, is also famous in Greek mythology for her unending torment of her husband's mistress.

Artemis - god of the hunt

Artemis is associated with hunting, animals, the moon, and chastity. Artemis is represented by a crescent moon and a laurel tree, and she appears as a beautiful virgin dressed in hunting attire, holding a silver bow and a golden quiver. Every night, Artemis went out into the woods to hunt, always accompanied by a swarm of fairies, and they never returned empty-handed.

The Temple of Artemis is still considered one of the ancient world's architectural wonders. The Temple of Artemis is not only one of the largest, but also one of the oldest structures made entirely of marble.

The information above is about 9 Greek gods associated with iBiero bottle beer. Despite using imported ingredients, everything from the drinks to the packaging of iBiero is still done by Vietnamese people who want to make the Vietnamese people's most proud craft beer. I hope this article has given you more interesting insights and made you love iBiero even more!




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