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Let's learn about the "new member" of iBiero's great family of craft beer in this article: Mango IPA! Mango IPA is regarded as one of Vietnam's most impressive craft beer lines, with an outstanding fresh mango aroma.

MANGO IPA - When the IPA style meets Asian ingredients.

This is not the first time iBiero has released a product that combines European beer with Asian ingredients, particularly when those ingredients have a Vietnamese flavor. This combination has resulted in an impressive and innovative beer recipe, which is one of the reasons Mango IPA has become a product that is difficult to overlook.

Here are the details of the product:

Alcohol: 5.3%

Bitterness: 23.7

Beer color: Yellow

Ingredients: Nottingham Ale; German (Premian Pellet); American (Amarillo Pellet; Cascade Pellet); Czech Pilsner Malt; Carafa Malt; Czech - Munich Malt; concentrated mango juice.

Mango IPA's whole malt supply is imported from the Czech Republic.

Beer production in the Czech Republic (Czech) dates all the way back to the Bevnov Monastery in 993. "Where there is brewing, there is a wonderful life," is a proverb used by the Czech people (Czech Republic). When correctly mixed, the Czech Malt line produces an ideal, silky foam. The Mango IPA's malt base layer is also designed with an appealing golden hue, a flawless foam layer, and an approachable flavor that appeals to a wide audience.

Mango IPA special flavor at iBiero

A fresh and varied recipe is used to prepare beer that is suited for the majority of Vietnamese people. The significant aspect is the inclusion of fruit flavors, which create a delicate harmony appropriate for women.

Mango IPA will taste better when cooled because it will enhance the fruit flavor and have a lighter, fresher taste.

Here are a few details about the newest craft beer from the iBiero. What are you waiting for? Come drink it right away to experience its tangy flavor!



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